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Cra Reportable Loans Reviews


Filing a Mistake-free HMDA LAR

www.GeoDataVision.com Are You Ready for your annual HMDA Data Submission? This 90 minute web seminar focuses on the data entry and reporting ...

Fair Lending and Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

This webinar will provide an overview of the agency's fair lending examination program and outline best practices that can help credit unions of all asset sizes ...

Cra Reportable Loans

Cra Reportable Loans


CRA Guide to Data Reporting and Collection

A Guide to CRA Data Collection and Reporting 3 Contents Foreword 4 Executive Summary: Compliance Responsibilities 5 Purpose of CRA 5 Who Must Report 5 When to Report 5 Reporting Requirements 6 File Specifications and Edit Validations 6 Collecting the Data 8 Composite Loan Data 8 Other Loan Data 14 Consumer Loans 14 Reporting the Data 16 ...

A Guide to CRA Data Collection and Reporting

CRA Data Collection and Reporting EDITION EFFECTIVE for 2010 CRA Data Submissions (Due March 1, 2011) Federal Financial Institutions ... mortgage loan data under the CRA exam. Examiners will sample an institution’s home mortgage loans to evaluate its home mortgage lending.

CRA Reportable Loan? | CRA | For Bankers. From Bankers

We have some loans that I believe are coded correctly for the call report, but I don't feel need to be CRA reportable. Some are similar to your situation. Anyone else have an opinion as to whether these types of loans should be reported?

CRA Loan Data Collection Grid 2015 - Dallasfed.org

CRA Loan Data Collection Grid Revised January 2015 This publication is intended as a quick guide for identifying CRA loan data reporting categories. It is designed for bank CEOs, presidents, CRA and compliance officers and others who have an interest in the CRA loan data collection process.

A Banker’s Quick Reference Guide to CRA

n number and dollar volume of loans sold to the secondary market. n innovativeness or complexity of CD loans and qualified investments. Compare credit extended inside and outside AA. – If available, use HMDA data, bank loan and other reports to analyze the extent of lending inside and outside AA, after testing the reports for accuracy.

CRA Small Business and Small Farm Loan Definition Reminder

Loans must meet the rules for those lines of Schedule RC-C1 of the Call Report to flow through to the Small Business and Small Farm reporting in Schedule RC-C2 and on to CRA reporting. The Call Report instructions contain detailed information regarding purpose, collateral and types of borrowers.

CRA: Community Development Loans, Investments ... - occ.gov

CRA: Community Development Loans, Investments, and Services. This fact sheet provides information about commonly-used concepts associated with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) for national banks, under 12 CFR Part 25, and for federal savings associations, under 12 CFR Part 159.

CRA Special Lending Programs - Federal Reserve System

make CRA-related loans less profitable than other loans. Moreover, the performance and profitability of CRA-related loans, whether or not they were origi-nated through extra efforts or nontraditional stan-dards, may differ from those of non-CRA-related loans simply because the two loan groups have differ-ing characteristics.