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Kiddie Condo Loans Reviews


Kiddie Condo Loans - Home Loans

http://kiddiecondoloans.com/ Kiddie Condo Loans - Home Loans Great non-occupant,co-borrower loan program Lender Hotline: (855) 997-2778 Are you a ...

"Kiddie Condos" from Premier Lending

What are "Kiddie Condos" and how do they work? Jessica Shanahan with our partner, Premier Lending, talks through a few scenarios and questions with our ...

Kiddie Condo Loans

Kiddie Condo Loans


Help friends or family qualify with an FHA "family ...

A property purchased by a non-occupant borrower with an FHA loan is often known as a “kiddie condo.” However, this nickname does not fully describe the program. ... FHA loans allow non ...

Beware Co-Signing For A 'Kiddie Condo' Loan - Bankrate.com

It's still possible for students to obtain a kiddie condo loan. But the drawback is a big one: These mortgages require a co-signer. Mortgages. ... including kiddie condo loans. Until 2008, a child ...

What are FHA Kiddie Condo Loans? - Mortgage.info

The name of the FHA Kiddie Condo Loans is a little deceiving. As the name suggests, you would think the program is for parents buying a condo for their kids. While this could be the case, it’s not the sole purpose of the program.

How to buy a kiddie condo for your college student - HSH.com

How to buy a kiddie condo for your college student. Aug 17, 2015. ... some parents consider the option of buying a "kiddie condo," townhouse or single-family home near campus for their child to live in during college. ... Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac also review condo projects to approve them for loans and typically have similar requirements ...

Kiddie Condo Mortgage Loans - Blown Mortgage

Kiddie Condo Mortgage Rates. The rates on kiddie condo loans should be the same at your lender as a regular FHA loan. If your lender is telling you that there are higher interest rates for kiddie condo loans, then you need to find a different lender.

Kiddie Condos: FHA Non-Occupying Co-Borrower program

Kiddie Condo Loans refer to a FHA provision that allows for non-occupying co-borrowers. Parents like us, with kids in college, come out a LOT better owning a unit with the student, and renting it back out.

2019 FHA Kiddie Condos - FHA.co

These loans have a lot of benefits and could save you money if you qualify. The Kiddie Condo Loan When your young adult is ready to purchase a home there are options that can allow parents help them manage a mortgage.

How to Use FHA’s “Kiddie Condo” Loans to Buy Rental ...

Typical rental property loans require at least 20% down in cash. And the down payment aside, the interest rates are higher than for owner-occupied mortgages. But if you have adult children, you can capitalize on FHA’s “kiddie condo” program to get FHA, owner-occupied financing for a rental property. “Kiddie Condo” Loan Overview