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Need 950 Dollars Fast


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Need money fast? These tips are easy ways to make money fast, and they are all simple and legal. ... Home / Money Management / Unusual Ways to Get Money Fast. Search This Site. ... women (or men!) with very long hair can generally earn anywhere from $300 to $900 dollars per cut for selling their hair. Hair that is untreated is worth more, and ...

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There's no need to worry, however, because we are here to help you make it through those difficult times when money is tight. In today's world you need money asap, and we understand that. That's why we have devised a plan on how to make 500 dollars really fast (even without a job)!

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Traci M. said. "Sell [stuff] to make money and get rid of things you don’t need!" If you’re not up for a garage sale, sell some of your old gold or silver jewelry . That can help you easily make hundreds of dollars fast.

I meet someone hat says they are in u.s. army and they ...

Someone in afganistan that i meet online says they need 1500 dollars to get vocational leave ,they say they have 500 dollars and they want me to send them 950 dollars so they came come home. why do they have to pay this amount to come home