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(Seattle, WA) – Founded in early 2004, ProMusic Royalty Loans is a privately held, non-institutional funding organization created, staffed, and run by ...

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So "old school" it's "new school" How royalty lending echoes the way Mozart got paid for his music and that crowdfunding isn't new. In royalty loans, investors get ...

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THE DETAILS. Royalty Loans LLC assumes all risk that your oil/gas wells cease to produce or the price of oil/gas crashes. The only fee is the 3% origination fee at the time of closing. For example: if the loan is for $100,000 and there is a 3% origination fee, your net proceeds at the loan closing will be $97,000.

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If you would prefer to retain your royalties at the current time please consider our royalty loan option. We provide cash loans for your producing oil and gas royalties. Minimal paper to review and sign.

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People’s Royalty Lending provides cash loans on oil and gas royalties using traditional lending parameters, quick closings, and payback schedules designed to maximize your success. Loans up to 26 times monthly royalty income.

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Royalty Financing. Royalty financing is a relatively new concept that offers an alternative to regular debt financing (loans and trade credit) and equity financing (venture capital and stock sales). In a royalty financing arrangement, a business receives a specific amount of money from an investor or group of investors.

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Oil and Gas Royalty Loans Call 1-719-433-3966 Get started today. We make loans in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and most other states. Don't sell your asset, keep it, and borrow money safely.

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Why sell away your future? Royalty Loans LLC can loan up to 25 times your royalty payment and you maintain ownership of the royalty interest.

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Royalty Loans Many companies use this form of financing as a tool to help with their immediate cash flow needs and sometimes only use the financing to provide the necessary cash for future investments.

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Generally, the loan amount is in a range between twenty-five (25) and thirty-five (35) times your current monthly average royalty income. This may vary depending on the type, age, and location of the wells representing your mineral and royalty interests.

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Royalty collateral is valued up to 25 times the average monthly cash flow; loan to value (LTV) is 50%; the maximum term is 36 months, although a 4 year amortization with a balloon payment at the end of the loan is possible.

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CD Royalty Loans L.P. is a family owned and operated company with over 100 years of industry experience We Provide Mineral Owners With Royalty Loans Contact us Today and Apply!