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SMUD & PG&E Home Performance Program

Get up to $(5000.00 rebate from SMUD), Brower Mechanical Inc. With the CHF Program, You may qualify for a grant and low interest loan. Tax credits up to ...

SMUD Powering Futures Scholarships

The value of education and the impact it has on our lives, our families, and our communities is measured by the strength of our community and success of our ...

Smud Loans

Smud Loans


Energy efficiency financing - SMUD Home

Energy efficiency financing A smart choice Homeowners can pre-qualify for easy and affordable SMUD financing on energy efficient equipment upgrades that can save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

SMUD - Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program ...

Equipment Efficiency Loan. Presently, SMUD offers financing at an interest rate of 6.99% for secured loans or 10.75% for unsecured loans. Secured loans cover improvements related to HVAC, cool roofing, insulated siding, windows and renewable energy projects. Unsecured loans include building insulation, duct testing,...

Rebates and savings tips - SMUD Home

Find special SMUD pricing on LEDs at participating local retailers through June 31st, 2019, or until funds are depleted. Participating retailers include: Ace Hardware, Costco, Dollar Tree, Lowe's, Salvation Army, Sam's Club and The Home Depot, with many more coming soon.

SMUD participates in bank loan program aimed at economic ...

The banks will loan at least 50 percent of the funds in the SMUD service area to qualified applicants and will provide reports to SMUD on the loans made and projected number of jobs created. RISE is a program developed by Region Finance, a local non-profit that advocates for local economic development and job creation.

SMUD – Residential Solar Loan Program - Energy-Grants.net

Title: SMUD Residential Solar Utility Loan Program in California. Program Details: The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Residential Solar Utility Loan Program gives residential customers loans for photovoltaic systems or solar water heating installations.

9 Tax Incentives for Solar Energy in Georgia – Federal ...

Georgia State Senator Touts Tax Incentives for Solar Energy A Partial List of Solar Energy Tax Incentives Now Available (But watch out! ... And go here to learn more about REAP grants and loans, from the Department of Agriculture. These are programs designed exclusively for farms and rural businesses.

The SMUD Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program: What ...

Choose a Dependable Contractor Approved by the SMUD Program. Once you’ve decided on a project and have qualified for the SMUD residential energy efficiency loan program, it’s time to find a dependable contractor who has both the experience, references, and California state licensing to get the job done.

SMUD - Commercial Energy Efficiency Loan Program

SMUD - Commercial Energy Efficiency Loan Program. Generally, loans are extended to vested owners of a property. The applicable interest rate is currently at 6.99%; however this may be subject to change. Customers have up to ten years to repay the loan. Call 916-732-5472 to verify interest rate offer.